In 1983, INTERTRANS is founded as a freight forwarding and logistics services company in the Dominican Republic. Through continuous development and teamwork for 35+ years, INTERTRANS has achieved to establish itself as one of the leading international cargo transportation and logistics companies in the Dominican market. Today the company offers a wide range of integrated logistics services designed to provide reliability and satisfaction to the changing needs of Dominican importers and exporters. INTERTRANS offers its clients solutions such as international cargo transportation by sea, air and ground, customs clearance, and warehousing under various customs warehouse regimes.

INTERTRANS is distinguished for its uninterrupted excellence in service in the Dominican market for 35+ years. The company’s success is due to its sustained continuous improvement by working closely with its clients, suppliers and personnel. At present, INTERTRANS has a workforce of 90+ highly trained staff members, offices in U.S.A., and service to and from more than 150 countries.


Satisfy the ever changing needs and requirements of our clients by offering optimal and secure logistics solutions for the handling and transportation of their cargo while guaranteeing our clients quality of service and on time deliveries.

Be the leading logistics solutions provider for the market in Dominican Republic by providing reliable, efficient cargo handling and transportation solutions through a secure and modern platform which contributes to the growth and benefit of our clients, employees and suppliers





We invest in the preparation of our human capital to maintain high standards of quality and integrity in our work and service


We’re in continuous revision and development of our processes and IT systems in order to optimize our services and customer experience.


We focus on delivering results and establishing long term relationships with our clients.



We strive to meet and surpass our clients’ expectations and needs.


We work together for an optimal interdepartmental integration that focuses on delivering an outstanding service.

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